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This section of the site will give you valuable information if you're thinking of selling your current property.  We will advise what to leave and how to present your home in the best possible way to achieve the best price when selling.

Most importantly, our fees for selling a house start at just 1.25% of the sale price and all property for sale with Shepway Homes or Alexander Fleming feature full colour glossy particulars with detailed descriptive text, fully escorted viewings - a must if you lead a busy life, live by yourself or would prefer to leave the selling of your house to the professionals!

Valuations for selling are FREE !  -  Call today to book; we can arrange appointments up to 9pm most days of the week and work weekends too.
Email us today to book a market appraisal directly with one of our offices.

When considering selling your home ask yourself the following questions:

Is there a best-time to sell?

Typically the answer to this question is YES.  It is fairly obvious to realise that people are not going to want to view your home at certain times of the year - take for instance Christmas week.  Also during the Spring and Summer months when gardens look their best this will help considerably to generating interest.  Traditionally the best times of the year are Spring and Autumn for selling and the summer months for physically moving house.

Aren't all agents the same?

It is true that we all do the same job - selling houses, but that is really where the similarity stops.  Not all estate agents are the same.  Some will follow 'corporate' policy whilst others lead the Independent path - what's right for one may not necessarily be right for another client.  The main thing is to find an agent that you feel happy with and that you feel you can place your trust in to proactively sell your home at the best price in an agreed timespan.

I've had several valuations and they vary - shouldn't I choose the highest price?

The highest price may not be the 'right' price.  It is true that many agents attract new customers by flattery - everyone likes to think that their house is worth more than someone elses but this may lead to frustration if a buyer cannot be found.  The correct valuation will be the one where the agent can demonstrate a good sound knowledge of the local market, can reflect on what other properties have sold for and can give valid reasons why your home is worth what is quoted.

Is there anything I can do to help sell my home?

In an ideal world every home would be presented as a show home.  But this is the real world and people live in homes.  If simple rules are followed a house can be presented in the best way possible - your agent should be able to advise if any improvements can be made.  Pets and children should be kept under control and the house should be kept clean and tidy at most times - a viewer can want to see at any time.